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Community projects and events creating new opportunities for Chromatone to shine

Where is Chromatone now

Chromatone is an international music education platform for everyone to gain knowledge and new pleasant experience. The knowledge is stored in the articles and apps, but it's compressed and dryed out to be light and compact. But there's so much to dive in! And that's where guidance may be incredibly helpful.

We're building from the ground up, educating ourselves and the ones who want to participate in the early development. While Chromatone is developed for more than 4 years it's still a long way to have it finished. It becomes more of a process of distilling and transfering knowledge and joy.

Chromatone as the music itself is totally international and doesn't rely on any language (except JavaScript 😇). Our goal is to create an international community of tutors, students and practitioners of our visual music approach in their own creative process. The system has already proven itself extremely useful in many cases. And it's about time for it start growing worldwide. Project by project.