the visual music language

Sound and color, being different by their nature,
merge together on the surface of our consciousness.



There is a way to understand something better. It is to know as much as possible about it.


Free web applications for music education and exploration

Jam session app

A webapp for visually synced jams. Visually set your BPM, meter, root note and scale to play in sync together!

Circle of tones

Chromatic circle note colors web visualizer build on SVG with SVGJS. MIDI reactive!

Color tuner

Tune your notes to the colors! A robust online tuner for you to see the colors of your acoustic instrument notes and chords.

Sound laboratory

An interactive web-app to explore sound synthesis and processing right within a browser on any device.

Pitch table

Аll acoustic oscillation frequencies from 0.5 to 25000 Hz in one huge interactive table. Explore notes, rhythms and everything inbetween.

MIDI paper

An 8 channel MIDI visualization app drawing colorful figures on a flat virtual paper.

MIDI monitor

An in-browser MIDI bus monitoring and routing app. Works in Opera and Chrome both on desktop and mobile.

Compare tunings

Compare the sound of modern equal temperament notes with idealistic pythagorean and just intonations.

Scale wheel

A wheel of notes with masks for many known scales – it’s a tool to explore thousands of note combinations.


Bright posters and durable cheatsheets to remind of the color of each and every musical note.


High quality vinyl stickers for any instrument can help develop deep associations between notes and corresponding colors.


All apps code is open-source and available on GitHub to learn and improve. We are open for collaboration in developing an free music learning center for everyone. You can help us improve and popularize the system to make chromatone an actively used international visual music language.


Various music and multimedia projects use the Chromatone language to connect music and visual experience together. Here are those, that we know and recommend for you to know too.


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