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Visual Music Language
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Chromatone is an open source design research to develop and implement a scientific way of visual music education, communication and performance.

Imagine if once we agree on a certain way to link notes and colors? It can empower our music perception with vision, the primary sensory channel for most humans,especially nowadays. So we're doing it today! Let's explore 12 notes, 12 colors and infinite amount of their possible combinations.

We're creating the visual music Theory study, that helps beginners learn complex music concepts in color. Interactive web-apps in the Practice section expand the knowledge and grow deeper music awareness. Those, who want to go beyond personal explorations and get guided educational programs and community learning experience, can become members of Chromatone Academy. And we are just getting started! Also for those, who want to touch and feel the colorful notes we have a cozy Sticker Shop.

If you have any questions or ideas to share - feel free to contact us today.