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Web apps for music education and independent research

Here's a growing collection of free and open source interactive web experiences for everyone to explore. You can have a direct experience of natural patterns in human sound perception with just your laptop or a smartphone.

We are building tools for everyone to use in many ways. Some may consider them as toys, but there's much depth for diving yourself or with other musicians. There's huge value for visuals and non-musicians also. Chromatone enables us to see and understand multiple layers of music theory without advanced ear-training. And vice versa! Here we can learn and explore more about our color perception and the multitude of models engineered to navigate the color space.

Music has many faces and it grows through a number of different modes of perception and comprehension. It's a multi-axis space that is build on the sensory and cognitive phenomena. One of the main is time. It gets quite emphasized with note durations and evolving rhythmic structures of organized noise. It demonstrates and utilizes our ability to recognize patterns in repetitions of sounds at frequency range between tens and thousands of events per minute. With higher oscillation speeds we get to a distinct mode of pitch perception.

All 12 pitch classes form the so called Chroma space, where numerous combinations of notes combine to become intervals, chords and scales. We can interact with the notes via MIDI protocol commands, or build our own experimental visual music tools. There are also some apps for Jamming together in harmony and in sync.

And there's a ever growing collection of external music web-apps found on the internet.