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Apps that don't produce sound, but show pictures and react to sound or midi

Chromatone can be very precise in assigning colors to frequencies and we can use it to analyze and communicate music. But we can use this new music communication layer as a base for new visual explorations. Visual apps reacting to audio and MIDI are created here.

One of the most complex no-build client-side Vue JS apps in our library is such a visualization of the incoming MIDI signals. Midi-paper is a multichannel reactive 2D MIDI visualization canvas with more than 8 layers of meaningful minimalistic vector graphics appearing on the screen. Made with Paper.js and Vue it's lightweight and efficient. Layers are pluggable and the app is self-contained in a folder nicely.

Hydra synth is just a minimalistic experiment to run Hydra - the JS tool to live code shader effects with quite simple syntax. Minimal working prototype is here, now anyone can use it as a starter template for their own creations. What direction will this take at Chromatone - we'll see sometime soon.