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Universal instrument sticker set


A small, but versatile set of colorful stickers for almost any kind of music instruments.

It’s a sheet of vinyl with precisely cut shapes of all 12 colors. Lines, circles, rings and semirings – 12 octaves in total. So you get 144 stickers, including two octaves of black and white classic tones with labels for those, who seek for a transition or connection between chromatic and monochromatic systems.

The semirings fit perfectly both the OP-1 and OP-Z synth keys. The lines are great for kalimbas, xylophones, and can become those little, but so needed colorful tone reminders. You can place only one or two accents on the tones you want to discern visually. Mark your guitar, ukulele, even violin! Also any regular piano keys can be marked with any kind of stickers from this kit. Be creative with them!

P.S. The some of the stickers are so small (5-6 mm) that you might need to use some tweezers or a utility knife to place the stickers on your instrument precisely.


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