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Teenage Engineering OP-1 stickers


A kit to upgrade your OP-1 to a visual music machine! With these stickers each key becomes as colorful as the sounds you can make with this beautiful piece of teenage engineering.


Do I need coated stickers?

Under intense usage the uncovered stickers will fade out. May be they’re as cool as jeans, becoming even better with time? It can take up to a year of intense usage of the unit to display significant proofs of work and play. And this wear out is also a sign that these colors are already deeply associated with those thousands of your key presses. Let the outer colors fade and see them inside with music.

If you you practice and perform a lot and know, that even after days and months of work with the OP-1, it should stay as perfect as it was designed – prefer coated vinyl stickers for it. The paint is sealed between white base layer and transparent matte lamination film and is totally protected for many years. And also matte coating makes them feel more smooth to touch and to watch.

2 octaves standard keyboard