Sensory dissonance curve
The harmonic relations of notes
220 hz440 hzSensory dissonance curveSAWTOOTH8SINEDissonanceFrequency ratio (cents)A0A#100B200C300C#400D500D#600E700F800F#900G1000G#1100A12001P1/1m216/15M29/8m36/5M35/4P44/3TT45/32P53/2m68/5M65/3m79/5M715/8P82/1220 hz0START AUDIO

A simple curve for two sine waves is readily established and then we can calculate and explore sensory dissonance curves for complex sounds as the sum of interactions between their partials.

Try dragging the note to hear the exact interval. Toggle the plain sine and rich sawtooth waveforms. Compare the feeling of consonance and the dips in the curve yourself.