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2022-06-18: Add blur to chroma detect web-app

2022-05-18: Academy update

Chromatone got some significant updates this may. Now it's not just a web-site to learn and explore music theory. It's a whole ecosystem of tools to learn, teach and analyze music. Besides all the articles and interactive apps now we have the audio and video recording tools to produce educational content right in the browser. Play notes with your mouse, touch, keyboard or MIDI controller. Connect your mic, synth or audio interface and have the the sound analyzed, processed and recorded along with the video of your front camera and the screen.

It's a musician toolbox that is the foundation for the whole Chromatone academy - the community of educators and their materials to learn with. The next goal is to start teaching and verifying new Chromatone educators all over the world to bring it to any remote region in any language and musical culture.

00:00 Chromatone - the visual way to learn music 00:40 Music theory web experience 1:15 Educational materials production web tools 2:15 Drawing on pages 3:35 Jamming and composing together 4:20 Interactive logo and keyboard synth 4:52 Synth oscillators 5:10 Quantization 6:04 Rhythm circles - the polyrhythmic metronome 6:40 Euclidean rhythms 7:38 Download MIDI 7:48 Record audio 8:15 Audio effects 8:30 MIDI panel 8:57 Colorful spectrogram 9:29 Awful singing to show the vocal overtones 9:50 Formants visualization 10:05 Pitch roll 11:10 Drone generator 12:20 Academy and it's educators 12:50 Understanding music is beyond colors 13:00 Online course and partnerships 13:30 App collaborations 14:00 Meet and jam together with colors 14:40 Mission to build and to sustain 15:18 International academy 16:00 Reach us!