Chromatone is ready to be used in a multitude of music educational products like courses, workshops, posters, stickers and, of course, web-apps. We are ready to get involved in any of these directions and we are glad to meet new companies to collaborate with.

Educational content

We are open for educational content collaborations. Chromatone is the platform to produce it for different audiences. In HQ and with music theory expertise.

SkillBox video course

In 2021 we've been working with the educational platform called SkillBox on an 11 modules video course that leads beginners from basic light and sound physics through intervals and scales up to the level of music composition techniques. Each module consists of 3-5 lessons 15-30 minutes each. We go through all the topics with the use of Chromatone web-apps and different instruments. Learners get custom designed sticker sheets from the company by mail and have some instrumental videos to shoot for the homework.


The open-source parts of Chromatone are ready to use in a multitude of variegated educational and emotional experiences. And building them makes Chromatone even better!

Playtronica web experience

In 2022 we started our web-app collaboration with Playtronica. They're building MIDI controllers and we're building an interactive audio-visual playground web application together - the TouchMe Experience.

Music video production

tsoop is an improvisational electronic music project with visualizations based on Chromatone system. There's a couple of albums published, but the main focus is on live collaborative music events. It's the research about what else can we can perform together. 🥁